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Club rules network of real estate

The Handel club Bylaws


  1. This policy is intended to regulate the rules by the real Estate Club of the Network (hereinafter – the "club") and is an integral part of joining the club.
  2. The club is managed by the Mediterranean Real Estate Company Ltd.. 515243616 From Seagull Street 5, TEL Aviv-Yafo (hereinafter – "the Company") via the brand –
  3. In the request to join the club, the member accepts the rules of this policy on all its terms, Its appendices, The reactions and the Siyu, As will be updated periodically and undertakes to act on his own. Any club member will be deemed to have read and agreed upon the provisions of this Regulation..
  4. The bylaws are written in masculine for convenience only., All that is written in the masculine must be seen as true in the feminine language..

Request for membership in the club

  1. Joining the customer club will be done by filling in a candidate request for accession.
  2. In a period of up to 90 Day, Between filling out the sign-up request to get the club member, Will be the membership of a candidate's standard..
  3. After a period of up to 90 Day, Would be decided by whether to attach the applicant as a member of the club. Applicant will be notified of attach it/island attach it.
  4. And the company will decide not to bring the applicant to the club., The applicant shall not be eligible for any compensation from the company..
  5. In spite of the aforementioned in section 8 Above, If the applicant has transferred information about an asset in accordance with the rules of Protocol, And the property is sold by the company within a period of up to 180 A day from the company's information, The applicant will be entitled to the return of the company, According to the club's bylaws.
  6. Membership in the club does not involve payment of membership or membership dues..
  7. Membership in the club will be valid until further notice on behalf of the club..

Direct mailing to members of the club on behalf of the company

  1. The company will transfer ongoing information to the club member using their email address, and by sending SMS messages to the club's mobile phone and in any other media.
  2. The information that will be sent to the club member will include:
    • Assets required for society at the same time – location, Area, etc..
    • Assets marketed by the company.
    • Information on real estate and real estate transactions made by the company.
    • Information on commissions paid to club members, Outstanding Members, Benefits for club members and suggestions for club members.
  3. The company will not transfer the members ' details to the next Gimel.
  4. For the removal of doubts, it is clarified that the company's request to join the club agrees that the society will periodically send the aforementioned mailing as required in accordance with the instruction of section 30 a (b) of the Media law (Bezeq and broadcasts)., 1982.. The member may inform the company at any time that he refuses to receive mailings and advertisement. The message will be sent in the same way that the mailing was launched and/or the advertisement..

Membership activity

  1. Member of the company will locate real estate for sale in areas in which society operates (hereinafter – "assets") and transmit information to the company agent.
  2. The information about the assets that the member will deliver includes:
    • Location of the property – address and floor.
    • Information on the property – Number of rooms and space.
    • Contact with the property owner – where, Phone.
    • Information regarding sales activity performed on the property, Asking price, Ownership rights and other relevant information, Which is known to the agent.
  3. The member will update the property owners for his intention to refer to them as a company agent and recommend that the owner use the company's services.
  4. The member will be present on the first meeting between the property owners and the company agent..
  5. The guys will answer the company's questions about the property., Owner and any other information he has in his possession, Or the guys can get, To the agent's request..

Accepting assets for the treatment of the club author

  1. A member of a club that found an asset and transferred information about an asset to the company agent, Will get inside 48 Hours of notice from the agent and/or company about accepting/accepting the property, For the company's treatment.
  2. The company will not get an asset to care for the guys., Because of the following reasons:
    • The asset is known to the company before delivering the information by the member, Due to the company's activity.
    • The asset is known to the company before delivering the information by the member, Due to obtaining information earlier on the property from another club author.
    • The property is not suitable for handling the company due to the requested price, The rights to the property, Location of the property, Licensing of the property, etc..
    • Any other reason the company decides.
  3. An asset that has been transferred to the company and accepted to the company's dealing, The company will put a notice on the receipt of the property to dealing.
  4. The property will be posted to the company as an asset referred to by the Member, For a period of 18 Months from the first date of the club member.
  5. At the passing of a period of 18 Months, The asset will not be listed as a property that is made by the club member and the club member will not be eligible to accept any return for the referral he has committed, Even if the company has carried out a deal in the asset.

The value of the club member

  1. An asset that has transferred a member to the company agent, And a real estate deal was carried out and the company was accepted by the firm., Will be the member eligible for 10% (10 percent) of the brokerage fee paid by the owner of the asset referred to by the club member, As a Referral fee.
  2. The amount will be transferred to the guys inside 10 Days receive full brokerage fees by the company, In exchange for admission/invoice tax.
  3. The company will be entitled to advertise as part of the real Estate club The commissions that the member has received..
  4. If it turns out that due to incorrect information the member has passed, Cancellation of the real estate transaction and the company will be billed to return the brokerage fees collected by it, The member of the company will also restore his/her child, In 7 Days receive demand.

Membership in the real-estate club of Reshet

  1. The member undertakes to behave in an acceptable manner, Fair and candid of all the involved-sellers, Buyers and Company.
  2. Club member will not transfer information about assets to other real estate agencies, During being a member of the club.
  3. Club member will deliver to the company agent solely with reliable information, To the best of his knowledge.
  4. Club member will be responsible for updating the company for any change in our address., In his email address and phone number.
  5. If a club member asks to revoke their membership in the club,, Or if it is decided to stop its membership in the club, the member will not pass the information he has reached., Concerning the Connection agreements and/or the company's work methods and its agents, Includes information on the Handel club.


  1. The company reserves the right to add, Linguistics, To detract and to change rules and regulations at any time, This is without prior notice and its sole and absolute discretion. From the date of the bylaws, the club will only charge the new formulated..
  2. The binding formulated of the bylaws is the one that will be periodically found in the company's offices.
  3. A company reserves the right to close the club at its discretion., And no more reasoning.. Notification of this will be delivered to members.
  4. The company is entitled to establish additional customer clubs and to determine the regulations for their participation and all at its sole discretion.
  5. The company is the sole authority for interpreting procedures and rules of Protocol..
  6. The company is entitled at all times, According to its sole and absolute discretion, To change the name of the club., Samlio etc.
  7. The member declares that he knows that the club is not a legal personality., Therefore, the responsibility for maintaining the club's obligations rests with the Mediterranean Real Estate Company Ltd..

Club network of real estate

Club network of real estate

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