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Tsalun Neighborhood

Posted by Network on 24 In May 2021

Tsalun Neighborhood

Tsalun is a mixed neighborhood for Jews and Arabs in Jaffa located west of Jerusalem Boulevard. Its two main streets are ציהתל"י וצהלון הרופא. The neighborhood is named after the hospital located in its northeast corner, Named after the 17th century Italian Jewish physician Yaakov Zahlon. The beginning of Tsalun as a housing for evict of the largest area in Jaffa. השכונה המקורית נבנתה באמצע שנות החמישים על שטחי פרדסים שהיו ברובם בבעלות משפחת דג’אני, Formerly one of the richest in Jaffa. Tsalun is not similar to other neighborhoods in Jaffa that were built in the 1950s, The neighborhood includes a diverse mix of buildings and a he hetogeneous population. It covers an area of about 170 dunams with about 1,400 inhabitants. The mix of buildings in the neighborhood is quite varied, and includes low two-story buildings alongside railway and higher buildings. In recent years, the old neighborhood has attracted a young population and housing improvements that have jumped prices by about 50%. A strong population growth for the veteran idf also affected the rest of the neighborhood and caused prices to rise in the entire neighborhood, In the open areas there are plans for further construction. The neighborhood is currently enjoying improvements in infrastructure, And in the future, new construction is planned, and the population in the expanded Tsalon neighborhood is involved., And it has longtime residents alongside young couples who have entered it in recent years. The expanded Tsalon neighborhood is lined with public buildings. The geriatric center operates in the neighborhood Tzahalon (בעבר בית החולים דג’אני), Neot Aviv Nursing Center, High School עירוני ז’, And home “מזרח מערב” בית ערבי עם תקרות גבוהות ומקומרות, A dreamy courtyard and a homely and friendly atmosphere, Serves as a center for anthracy and world music that combine different styles.

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