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Real estate consultants in the network team - especially for you real estate consultants.

Our customers say: "You are something different, Realtors who met today ".
And really – our team of real estate consultants and employees are first of all – a family more than- 20 Year, Working together in partnership and fairness all the way and the truth - even proudly.
We are proud to be part of a network is always at the top - in terms of technology, Marketing and professional.
It is not easy to be accepted in this family. Online real estate consultants have requires.
We are human, Speaking at eye level, You listen carefully, To understand exactly what you are looking for.
Do not try to "push" you assets. sometimes, Even the opposite happens - we insist that the property or the environment, You may not match.
Our real estate consultants sitting in Jaffa years, Familiar with the Jaffa, The advantages and disadvantages, And specialize in specific areas.
They will accompany you throughout the transaction, Until the end of the meeting we will hold a traditional street patio Seagull, With Hummus Abu Hassan and almond drink milky hue.
So you will not be customers, But our new neighbors.


Iron Tzroih – מנכ”ל משותף.
תואר ראשון בכלכלה ותואר שני במנהל עסקים ופעיל בשוק הנדל”ן משנת 1999 In a variety of senior positions. ירון מביא לנדל”ן הים התיכון שיטות ניהול ושיווק ומקצוענות ללא פשרות שמסייעות לסוכני הנדל”ן שלנו למכור בהצלחה רבה כל נכס ובפער ניכר מכל משרד תיווך /שיווק נדל”ן אחר. And if you have a professional question, או בניין/מגרש למכירה – ירון הוא הכתובת.

Esti Dekel-Shoov - Real Estate "

Esti Dekel-Shoov Specializes in the Ajami neighborhood, Old Jaffa, Northern neighborhoods of Jaffa and Noga Qtr. Estee is online almost from the first day (of the network) and people love houses. The money comes much later. Colorful and hugs.

Shay bluman Specializes in the Ajami neighborhood, Old Jaffa, Northern neighborhoods of Jaffa and Noga Qtr. Artist at heart, Musician by profession and a lawyer by profession. Integrates all areas of personal care in his special style, Network clients.

Orna Baranovich‘ – Has a long time in Jaffa. Incredibly energetic and smiling. Pledge to come up with the guitar after signing the contract and make your time more pleasant. If you're also into horseback riding , talk to her..

Arih Sfr – בעלים ומנכ”ל.
בעלים ומנכ”ל של רשת משנת 1995 ורשת נדל”ן הים התיכון.
Arih Sotf at Boost-Suki real estate Engaged in the marketing of plots and buildings.
in the year 1989 Lion acquired the building in the street Seagull first auction of Amidar, For 42,000 NIS. He claims, Prices have risen since ...

Ziva Artga Bar David She's the network's administrative director., In addition to functioning as the service conditions noncom team. Remember each and every customer, Preferences, Treatment history and special needs, Even the customer has already forgotten. The beating heart of the network.

Alona PeledResident of Jaffa and real estate marketer for many years. Multi-skill and with a lovely smile. You're welcome to ask her about any jaffa issues. If she doesn't happen to know, The next day you'll get a checked answer.

Natalie Kosui – Doctor of Art at the University, Lives and specializes in the southern neighborhood of Jaffa. Sale Any building in Jaffa 3- Wed, The tenants and the stories. After she organized construction evacuation projects, So find you an asset, It's already small on her..

Noya Loire – תושבת יפו משנת 2014. Familiar with the transactions in the heart and north of Jaffa. Love the customers and they love it. חולמת על דירות מעוצבות (ומתכוונת ללמוד את התחום), Black and white camera for years. A winning combination of charm and professionalism.

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